5 Tips For Choosing a Wedding Theme Uniquely You

You’ve dreamed about planning your wedding for years, but now that it’s finally time the whole process seems daunting. Looking for a way to pull all the details of your wedding together? Consider a theme! Having a wedding theme in mind, however emphasized or understated you make it, is the perfect way to put your personal stamp on your special day and make sure every element of your wedding harmonizes- invitation to reception. Here are 5 tips for choosing a wedding theme that is uniquely you.

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1. Find Common Ground

When picking a theme it is important to include your spouse. Though many brides love the spotlight, a wedding is about unity, so don’t leave the groom out! What do you and your betrothed share in common? Perhaps it’s a love for sports, wine, a style of music or a particular country. Shared interests offer great opportunities for thematic material that will tie your wedding together as well as celebrate the two of you as a couple.

2. Think About Color

Select a theme that will create a color palette to your liking. If you aren’t a fan of black and orange, a Halloween theme might not the best pick for you. Find a theme that not only says what you want to say about you as a couple, but that sets a good color tone for your occasion. The time, season, and location of your wedding may call for a specific color palette, so be mindful of that when picking out a theme.

3. Be Specific!

The best way to avoid an over-done theme is to be specific. Instead of settling for a general ‘beach’ themed wedding, figure out what specifically from the beach theme you’d like to highlight. A Hawaiian style beach wedding will have a distinctly different feel and flavor than a Cancun themed beach wedding, different still from a beach wedding with Jamaican flare. The more specific you are, the more original and personal your wedding theme will be.

4. Write Your Own Story

If you’re having trouble selecting a theme for your wedding, consider your favorite fictional story. Many memorable weddings have been based on romantic books and movies. Since each story is set in a different place and time in history, each gives a unique touch to a wedding with clues as to how to style everything from hair to reception site. Let your favorite characters inform and inspire your wedding, and use your creativity to make their story your own.

5. Stick to a Style

For more subtle, understated brides, theme your wedding around your personal style. Are you sophisticated? Modern? Retro? Edgy? Trust your fashion sense and let it color your special day. While your style can be a theme on it’s own, it can inform any other theme as well, personalizing your wedding and making it an affair to remember!

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