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Jennifer of JFCI Photography in Minnesota captures the fun, sweetness and happiness of every moment. She shared with us some of her favorite photos and details about the recent romantic wedding of Jamie and Matt who were married at the Landmark Center in St Paul, Minnesota:

October 1, 2011 was an amazing day. The sky was beautiful; a cloudless deep sapphire blue. The bride was stunningly beautiful in her gown and the groom beamed from ear to ear at the site of her. Jennifer Funkhouser of JFCI Photography and her assistant Kaitlyn Riederer had been praying for good weather all week. Afterall, this was Jamie and Matt’s big day!

Jamie and Matt were married at the Landmark Center in St Paul, Minnesota. The site is a historic landmark with iconic white columns, pink granite mined from St Cloud and the signature urban landscape backdrop of St Paul. The location is a perfect locale for any photographer, but today this couple dazzled even the regulars in Rice Park who were so accustomed to seeing wedding parties in front of the fountains.

When I met Jamie and Matt I knew instantly that we were going to work magic together. After photographing weddings for years I’d learned how to spot the really fun, creative and edgy couples.

They wanted something modern, but romantic and edgy at the same time. We spent time talking over coffee about their style and what they liked about photography. An hour passed before we’d even really started talking about details of contracts, locations and all the requisites. I fell head over heels for this couple and I was so excited for their wedding day.

We started out in the historic court rooms on the fourth floor. There’s a spot where the afternoon light comes through the rounded marble turrets, it was perfect spot.

Jamie’s dress was dazzling and her expression so soft and calm, the light landed across her beautifully.

For their group shots we moved outdoors to the city streets where the entire wedding party danced down the busy downtown streets. The shot captures the very spirit of the whole day; fun, funky and joyful!

JFCI Photography has been capturing weddings since 2002, and in nine years I thought I’d seen it all. I was pleasantly surprised by what a refreshingly joyful group of people I had the pleasure of working with on this day.

For eight years I have been honored to share the joy of the most important day in a couple’s life. I capture the fun, sweetness and happiness of every moment. It’s important to understand exactly what you need and want and deliver it. I specialize is photojournalism style and outdoor weddings.
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