April Wedding with “Something Blue!”

What a great idea Nicole had when she wore blue shoes as her “something blue!” in this beautiful April wedding captured by Timothy Whaley Photography in Illinois. Such a fun couple, and gorgeous outdoor ceremony and reception.

Nicole Dellaria and Jason Deyoung – April 14, 2012

Bride wore navy blue shoes for a pop of color and as her “something blue!”

Fun “name” hanger was used to hold the bride’s dress that morning, they are all the rage right now

They did a hand-fasting ceremony at the ceremony.

Groom wore a grey suit, not a formal tux- we are seeing lots of greys and beige-colored guys these days

Their ceremony was Outdoors, in APRIL! It sprinkled a bit RIGHT AS the bride was getting ready to walk to the ceremony site and then stopped, as if Mother Nature said, “Oh no! I can’t do this NOW, there’s a bride about to be married outside!”

The reception took Place at the Arrowhead Golf Club in Wheaton Illinois and was decorated in accents of the navy blue- but the two family tables were the same yellow as the girl’s flowers. Also notice the blue on top of their wedding cake.

One of her bridesmaids had JUST given birth days before, and showed up! Check out that blue liner on the groomsmen’s suits.

Both artists and photojournalists, our photographers use a combination of contemporary portraits, typically in color, and “photojournalism”, often in black and white, to “tell your story as it unfolds, portray personalities and capture the emotion that will make your wedding so wonderfully unique.”
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