Beautifully Captured First Look Wedding Photos

On your wedding day, the moment you first lay eyes on each other is full of emotion and love. This is the moment you want to capture and keep forever. Jim of JP Brandano Photography in Florida shares the benefits of First Look wedding photos and also some of his beautiful shots of Anna and Brian’s first look. Thanks Jim!

The First Look

At some of our weddings the bride and groom, with our encouragement, decide to see each other before the ceremony. We think it is a great idea and presents a wonderful memory for each. Traditionally, the groom sees the bride at the very beginning of the ceremony and that is also a great memory. The difference is that by seeing her before the ceremony, they both have a private moment to tell each other what they are feeling. That moment can last as long as they want, not just a few seconds. It also helps rid them both of the nervousness that many couples feel at the time of the ceremony.

We have the groom standing alone, looking away from where the bride is approaching him. She walks up to him, taps him on the shoulder and he turns. Standing there is this beautiful woman with whom he’ll be spending the rest of his life. We photograph the moment 7 to 10 feet away, allowing them the privacy to tell each other what is in their hearts, at this moment.

We wanted to share this moment that were so privileged to witness.

Here are the images from Anna and Brian’s first look.

Our goal is to document the whole story of the day with images that are candid, beautiful and honest. We strive to capture the natural beauty in the most mundane, everyday moments. No glance is insignificant, no smile too common. These moments are the ones that tell the real story of your special memory.

Check out more of Phyllis and Jim’s photos on their WPUSA profile, website, and blog

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