Business Need a Makeover? 4 Photography Business Tips

In the past few years, the wedding industry has taken a major shift. Most business are either doing really well, or slowly dying. You need to make sure that the image you are putting out there of yourself is one that is appealing to brides. It needs to represent your business in an attractive way that helps book more brides. Here are four Photography Business Tips to ensure that you’re putting your most attractive face out there for everyone to see:

Your website must look professional.

Your website is the absolute most important part of marketing your business. If a bride comes to your website and doesn’t like what she sees at a first glance, she probably wont stay on it for long. So many websites are dated, boring, confusing, obviously a DIY gone very wrong, and just straight up ugly. If you don’t know what your doing GET HELP!

Check out these websites for professional help:,, or It will more than pay for itself in the long run. Once you have your website design look snazzy, make sure that you have quality copy on it. Keep it simple, don’t overwhelm brides, and keep it conversational. You want brides to think that you are someone with a lot of knowledge, but also someone they will enjoy working with.

Use your blog!

What’s the point in having a blog if your not going to use it? So many times, I have visited blogs and they haven’t been updated in over 6 months. The whole point of blog is to let brides feel like they know you. You want to provide them with valuable information and ideas, but also let them get a feel for who you are. Show your personality, let your style and quirks come through. Overtime, brides will learn to love and trust you, and find you more appealing. Plus, blogs are FREE, you would be crazy not to take full advantage of a free marketing tool!

Have an active social media presence.

Now this doesn’t mean have an account on every social media site and rarely use them. Pick a few of your favorites, and keep them very active. You want to update them at least a few times a week. This will be much more beneficial than being on several sites that you never use. You want to be seen as a resource for information in your area of expertise, so make sure whatever you post is quality stuff. And once again, its FREE!

Don’t be just a logo, be a human.

Not long ago, those of us in the wedding business were told to look like big serious firms and corporations. Well that’s not that case so much anymore. Brides want to like the people involved with their wedding day. They want to feel like they know you, like you’re a real person who really cares before they will ever consider choosing you. Your whole business should be an extension of you, so let your personality show! This is the reason why brides will choose you!

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