How to Get Testimonials that Sell

Are you using my successful testimonial formula? If not, you need to start today. When you get a testimonial back from a bride, you don’t want it to just be a thank you note. You need something that will help you book more brides, something that shows how valuable you were to have. Here’s how to get testimonials that sell, a proven formula that helps you book more brides.

Just ask your brides in an email to send it to you like this.

Email Subject: Can I feature YOU and YOUR wedding?

I hope you’re doing great since your wedding! It was such a pleasure helping you plan your dream day and I enjoyed every moment of our time together.

We’d love to help more brides just like you, and your testimonial will help them know that we truly deliver what we promise. This would be such a huge help for me as well as so many brides who are in need of our services (just like you were).

Will you take a few minutes to write a paragraph, based on the VALUE you got from working with me and my team? (It should take you no more than 5 minutes.)

If you want help with structure, you can write something like this:
Before hiring insert your name here to photograph our wedding, I was

From his or her services, I received

And as a result, this is what happened (examples: saved money, saved time, my family and friends were able to relax and enjoy the day as guests, etc

My advice for those thinking of hiring insert your name here and her team

Feel free to inject your personality into it. Be yourself! I want brides and grooms to get INSPIRED when they read your paragraph! And, please do send us your favorite picture from the wedding, or let me know if it’s okay for me to choose! : )

Oh and do you mind sending this to me by Friday? I’d love to get your testimonial up on our website ASAP for other brides to see. No need for it to be perfect (I am happy to tweak it and send it to you for review if you prefer), but I just need the main points.

Just reply to this note I can’t wait to hear from you what you experienced working with us.

Thank you so very much for your help!

Now, once you have your testimonials, you want to make sure they are on your website! The more testimonials you have lined up, the more credible you are. Brides who are excited to speak so highly of you and your help are really going to help you attract new brides. As you let more people see your testimonials through the web, your trustworthiness is going to skyrocket, and in turn, you’ll book more brides.

Add them to your e-zine and blog. Make a special section on your blog or e-zine featuring your testimonials. Give the testimonial a title, include a picture, and start repurposing. Send it out with your e-zine and post it on your blog. So not only do you have another blog post, it was easy to do, and potential clients can see the value of your services.

Make it a video! You can easily make a video using 3-D marketing using pictures from your weddings and adding text from your testimonials. Post your video on your tube channel, your blog, and link it to your social media accounts.

Doing all of this is really going to put these testimonials to work! It’s super easy and you get to repurpose them through all of your marketing mediums. Brides are going to find you more credible and you’ll be making more money!

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