Embrace a Farmer’s Market Mentality to Succeed in Business

Earlier today, we took a detour by the farmer’s market … incidentally one of my favorite things to do … and it dawned on me that there are easily 4 things that we can all learn from a farmer’s market to enhance and succeed in business…

  1. Embrace your own personality/individuality

    I know that I say this repeatedly, but a lot of people still don’t get it. Well honestly, most people still aren’t getting it. One of the things that I LOVE about Farmer’s Markets is how each expresses itself. Some are super crafty. Some are really funky. Some are very homey. Some are extremely natural. Others are open. But I’ve never really found two that are alike. Sure they sell basically the same thing – local freshness – but they each reflect the owner’s nature. And I love that.

    Each industry and business owner can learn from this as well. In fact, I really started making serious money the day I stopped taking myself so seriously and let my hair down. I just started being me and let that shine through every part of my business. It’s easy to do … after all, it’s just sharing your own personality, individuality and creativity with what you do!

  2. Don’t try to be something you’re not.

    This really piggybacks off of number one. If you learn how to tap into your own personality and individuality, you also need to let go of trying to be something or someone you’re not. I’ve seen several farmer’s market that seem to struggle more than others, and it seems (in part) to be because they’re trying to sell a lot of items that you’d find in a grocery store. Well, a lot of people prefer farmer’s markets because they’re the opposite of a grocery, but some owners just don’t seem to get it. And if they’re struggling, they actually enhance the problem at hand by being less of who they are by copying someone else. Perhaps this is your problem too.

  3. Go the extra mile and go away from generic.

    One interesting thing I saw today at the farmer’s market was an elderly gentleman who drove up to the side of the market. Instead of people just staring at him from within the market, they went to his door, found out what he needed, brought him the fruits and veggies in exchange for cash and then the man went on his merry way. You’d never see this sort of extra service from a main chain (or at least I haven’t).

    Going the extra mile may look different from one company to the next. Just trust your heart and your intuition to guide you to do what you feel is right for YOU once again.

  4. Be fresh … never get stale or lack flavor!

    Especially in creative and aesthetic industries like ours, it’s so very important to never ever get stale or boring or have a lack of ideas and inspiration. If you find yourself being cynical, burned out, or feeling “over it,” see what’s up with you. Do you need a break to rejuvenate and get back in the game? Maybe you need help? Or maybe you just need to move on? I firmly believe that the idea for Bride Attraction came to me in part because I was getting tired of the same old thing and wanted a challenge. I’m the type of person who doesn’t do the same thing her whole life … and never thought I would do the same thing until the end of this life, so when I felt I needed a change, I decided to tweak things and stay fresh and full of inspiration.

    Now, this doesn’t mean you must start another business or give yours an entire facelift, but it means you do need something. So … what would this look like for you?

Try giving your business a farmer’s market makeover and see what happens!

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