How to get MORE Referrals from your Brides

Noticed that we’ve been adding bride focused articles on wedding planning and inspiration? Get more referrals from your brides by forwarding our articles to your current brides to help them with their wedding, and more importantly, build and sustain your relationship with them.

Most wedding professionals do not have regular contact with their clients between the time they are hired and the actual event. This is an opportunity for you to stand out as the one professional who actually cares enough to keep in touch and help them in the process. This goes a long way to strengthen your relationship with them, which pays off big when they are talking to their friends and families on who to hire. Did you know that when a person is planning a wedding they come in contact with many others who are planning a wedding at the same time? You’ll want your bride talking all about how great you’ve been, keeping in touch and helping them.

As a member of WeddingPhotoUSA you can always use our content to share, email or print and mail, adding a personal note that says “just thinking of you and thought this would help with your wedding planning ideas”. Do this at least once a month leading up to their wedding and you’ll be their top rated professional, the one they shout about! Best of all we create all the content and all you need to do is send it out.

Finally, if you are hearing about a particular challenge or topic that brides are interested in, let us know about it so we can research and create an article for you to be their hero.

About the Author:

Ron Carpenito – Cofounder, WeddingPhotoUSA

With a passion for weddings and the web and over 20 years of experience in the wedding industry, Ron and wife Deb enjoy connecting brides to wedding professionals, writing & sharing about the latest trends in weddings and photography and growing their clients business.

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