Engagement Photography: Display Tips

In the last article we talked about how to create beautiful and unique photos for your engagement. Since then we have received several comments from couples wondering how they could put their engagement photos to good use. One couple absolutely loved the idea of having professional engagement photos taken, but were unsure of what to do with those photos afterwards besides having a few wallets printed and storing the rest on a hard drive. If you find yourself in the same boat, this article will discuss how you can make the most of your images.


Having the photos printed and framed is a classic and timeless method of displaying your images. Some couples choose to make enlargements of up to 20×30 to use as a display piece in their homes, while others make a series of smaller enlargements for display on a shelf or mantle. These days there are many creative frames that allow you to arrange multiple photos several different ways within one frame. Almost any of these frames can be purchased right at your local art supply shop.

Guest Book

Since your engagement session typically takes place several months before your wedding, there is plenty of time to have a guest book created. On your wedding day, the guest book can be placed on its own table or next to the gift table for guests to sign. Talk to your photographer about having a custom designed guest book made. He or she can put together a beautiful custom printed book with your engagement photos along with blank space for signing. This is one of the most popular choices because it makes a great memorabilia and everyone will enjoy looking through your photos during the wedding.

Matted Display

If you want a display piece for the wedding day, you can select one or two of your favorite photos from the engagement session to be enlarged and displayed at your wedding. The cocktail hall or gift table is a great place for this. Rather than a guest book, you can opt to have a signature mat around the enlargement where guests can sign. Usually, if your photographer is providing the enlargement, he or she can also provide an easel for the photograph.

Wedding Album

Of course the images from your engagement session can also be included in your wedding album create a beautiful, complete story you can look back on years later. Most of the time, the first few pages of your wedding album will be reserved for your engagement photos. The engagement photos are included in their own section that prefaces the rest of the album to tell your story in a chronological format.

Reception Slideshow

If like most couples, you are looking for a fun way to entertain your guests during the wedding reception, consider using the photos as part of a slideshow. Reception slideshows have become a favorite choice because they are personal, easy to put together as well as operate, and they beckon for everyone’s involvement in an unobtrusive way. The slideshow is something that your photographer can easily put together. However, if you are computer savvy, you can also create one on your own. The best part is that all of your guests will enjoy viewing photos of the newlyweds on a big screen.

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