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Most websites I see in the wedding industry are a disaster. They’re hard to navigate, they don’t provide easy information for brides to get what they want quickly, and deciphering which package to choose can be even harder…all because vendors expect brides to read between the lines. Website optimization will make it easier for brides to book you.

I always, always say, Don’t expect brides to read between the lines, because they won’t! And I don’t think that everyone fully understands what I’m saying here. You see, just because you get what you do and know what your duties entail forwards and backwards doesn’t mean that brides do. In fact, the opposite is usually true. Brides are most often clueless, and need you to educate and direct them in a clear manner on what to do next.

It’s that simple, so why aren’t people getting it…still? Because it’s very hard when you resist changing when you’ve done it one way for so very, very long (or at least everyone else in your industry has). Brides are savvier than ever, they are doing their research online, and they want decisions to be as easy as 1-2-3 to make. If you’re making it more difficult than this, and requiring brides to jump through hoops to get the scoop, you’ve already lost the sale.

Brides will go with another vendor if you make it too confusing to make a decision. And after all the marketing effort, cost in putting up your website and getting yourself out there in a big way, who wants to do this?

My friend, Chris Jaeger, who creates websites that work through Marketing to Brides Online, gets this. He understands what it takes to get through to brides easily, what to include and what not to include. It’s not about having the best looking or most flashy website, it’s about having one that gets your compelling marketing message across fast and with ease. Oh and being a lead-generating machine at the same time of course. That’s it.

Your Bride Attraction Assignment:
Where are you confusing brides out of sales? Look at your site, or have a friend check it out who doesn’t entirely understand what you do, and give you feedback.

Ask these questions to get clearer and stop making things so darn difficult to close the sale in your bridal biz. Is it easy to navigate? Do you understand your options of working with me? What are the options to work with me? Could you find my contact info easily? Did you have plenty of opportunities to reach out to me and schedule a consultation? What was confusing, if anything? What would make it easier for you to hire me if you were a bride?

Presto! Booking more brides just got a lot easier.

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