Tiffany & Mike – Keystone Resort, Colorado Wedding Photography

Its all about the couple, and this ‘Couples Session’ really reflects who Tiffany & Mike are together by incorporating what is special and unique to them. Member Tammie Thessing is the talented photographer behind these fantastic shots. She shared with us some of Tiffany & Mikes favorite Colorado Wedding Photography:

Tammie asked Tiffany & Mike about the significance of snowboarding in their relationship:

“Mike and I met in the summer. The following winter ski season, I decided I wanted to give snowboarding a try, so I took one lesson at the very beginning of the season. After the first lesson, I was determined to get better, so Mike took the whole season and taught me on his own. Not to sound cheesy, but having him teach me really helped us build a strong foundation for our relationship. I was able to see how patient he was as we worked toward a goal together. We were able to celebrate the little victories together, which was pretty great encouragement for me!”

You wanting to include snowboarding in our photos was great for us because it is such a big part of our lives together. I also loved that it was different from any other engagement photos I have ever seen and it let us be us and not have cheesy pictures that don’t really represent who we are.

Tammie asked if there were any concerns or fears prior to their session:

“We were both completely unsure of how to feel that day. We are not very good at being the center of attention so it was odd for us. That being said, having you two there making us laugh and feel comfortable helped so much – and made it so much more fun for us! Oh, and the beer before hand didn’t hurt either ; )”

Tammie asked the couple what they will do with their photos:

We are using one of the photos as our invitation and I was so excited to be able to do something different and take advantage of the great pictures you gave us! We have also picked one to print and frame to have the guests sign the matting instead of a traditional guest book. I am trying to pick one to print on canvas for our apartment, but I’m having a really hard time cause I like so many!

Tammie Thessing Photography’s style can best be described as photojournalism with a hint of portraiture. She always strives to add in a splash of drama somewhere, whether it be a big beautiful sky, interesting light and composition or simply a great moment.
Check out more of Tammie’s photos on her WPUSA profile, website:

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