Where and How to Find Brides

I’m going to tell you how to figure out where YOUR ideal, high-paying brides are hiding. I guarantee that if you do the following homework on how to find brides, it will be much easier to find her by the hundreds and even thousands!

Look through your past bride profiles. Call past brides and ask the questions below if you don’t know the answers. Once you figure this out, you can do some pretty creative marketing and advertising to attract a constant stream of brides to your business fast and furious!

1. What magazines on-and off-line does your bride read?
When you know her hobbies and interests, figuring out what magazines she reads is as easy as 1-2-3. For instance, one of our clients figured out that all of her brides had one very important thing in common (or at least 90% of them did) … they own and love dogs.

Not just any dogs. The kind you dress up and treat like a child! She had beautiful pictures of a dog who was a wedding attendant and took up an ad in a dog magazine featuring the dog in the wedding and promoting her company. The brides went wild (and *bonus* there was no competition in the whole publication)!

2. Who else does business with her?
Again, get creative. Of course, it’s important to know who she does business with in the industry, but also outside of it is just as important. Let’s stick with our dog example for the sake of simplicity (remember K.I.S.S. Keep It Super Simple). Partnering up with vets, groomers, doggie day spas and resorts would be genius to get in front of brides continuously and consistently. Perhaps you could buy advertising in their newsletters, sponsor events they’re hosting, have materials in their lobby or all of the above! (Are you loving this yet?)

3. What other e-zines and blogs does she read?
Again, be best friends with these people. Be a guest writer and blogger. Comment on their blog posts. Buy ads in their e-zines or on their blogs. Get out there in a big, creative, inexpensive way! I say, if it works, work it!

Your Bride Attraction Assignment:
It’s as easy as 1-2-3. Just answering these three questions and following through alone can fill your wedding business this year without making any other efforts! All it takes it one fantastic idea that you implement and follow through on to see real tangible results in your bridal biz.

So what’s stopping you? Go research and start marketing!!

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