5 Tips to Look Best in Wedding Photos

Your wedding day is the most important day of your life (at least so far). And I know that you want to remember it fondly. I know that I still get all googly-eyed when I look at my wedding pictures. I want you to have the same warm fuzzies when you look back at yours, so I’m going to share a few tips with you that will help look best in wedding photos.

Talk to Your Photographer

This may sound like an obvious statement, but it’s very, very important. You need to talk to your photographer so that he or she knows what you’re looking for. Do you have to have a picture of you dancing with your grandpa? Tell them. Talk about your wants, listen to their advice (they do this ALL.THE.TIME., I promise.) and come up with a workable solution that makes you happy.

Make a Shot List

Most photographers will ask you for this, but if they don’t, make one anyway. A shot list contains all of the must-have photos for your big day. This is where you notate that you want the first dance, cake cutting, putting on your shoes…all of the moments that you want to see on film.

Pare Down

In my experience, we all want everything, but the problem is, we can’t have everything. So look at that shot list that you just made, and really think about the most important shots. Then make a new list that contains just those. Give this list to your photographer.

Don’t Be Scared of Your Emotions

Candid shots are some of the best shots. My favorite picture from my wedding is one where I’m all blotchy from crying, but I’m laughing hysterically while my then-brand-new husband nearly dropped me on my head (I promise it’s a much better shot than it sounds like). At the time, I remember thinking “please, please, please let them have missed that!”. But in reality, it completely captures the emotion of our special day. So don’t be afraid to get emotional. It makes for great pictures.

Allow Extra Time

On your wedding day, everything, and I mean everything is going to fly by. So allow extra time for those photos, your cocktail hour, and even your reception. Being rushed leads to stress, which leads to pictures of you harried and crazy-looking. I’m pretty sure that is not the look you’re going for. So add more time to your schedule. You’ll be glad you did and you’ll look best in wedding photos.

Most importantly, have fun. The best gift you can give yourself is to hire a great photographer who works with you and sees your vision your way. Look at portfolios, talk about what you want, and go with your first instinct.

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