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When it comes to your photographer marketing materials, always remember to K.I.S.S. (keep it super simple). This applies to any marketing materials you work on. Whether it be a brochures, letters, your packages, workshops, or other products, you want to make sure that you aren’t overcomplicating things in your messages. If you don’t make it focused enough, brides wont take away what you really wanted them to from your messages.

You want your marketing messages to key directly into the brides you are looking to work with. Make a list of the problems brides often come to you with in the beginning. Brides tell you exactly what they are looking for and need in your consultations, and you need to make sure that you are paying attention to this. Look at what they tell you and make sure that you are the one who is able to help the bride with these problems. List what qualities you have that sets you apart from “the rest”. Be sure to focus only on yourself, and not the others weaknesses. Once you have these two lists, you will be able to turn them into a few sentences.

Here is the example of my super simple marketing message:
“I work with brides who struggle with being stressed out and overwhelmed in their wedding planning, and have no idea where to begin. They want to create their luxury, dream wedding to start their lives together centered with love. What separates my service from other wedding planners is that I know the secrets and the system to creating a fantasy wedding day that is customized, personalized, and centered around who you are, and not who you think you should be. And, because of this, my brides are able to relax, let loose and enjoy their wedding planning experience and wedding day, while they focus only on the love that brought them to this moment in time.”

Even though this message is detailed, it is still very simple. It explains exactly what I do and describes how I can help the bride. Once you have your simple message, you will be able to connect to more brides who are looking for exactly what you provide. Incorporate your message across your marketing materials.your pull marketing questions, your business card marketing, your package and services description and anything else you use!

Your Bride Attraction Assignment:
Remember to simplify your marketing message and streamline it across all of your marketing materials. Using the same keywords like “stressed out, overwhelmed, confused” and pairing them with words like “luxury, dream wedding, personalized, relaxed, and fun” across all your areas of marketing will hit home for a lot of prospective brides. Don’t try to get to clever with the way you say things, speak to exactly what you know they need and brides will be drawn to you. So remember to K.I.S.S. in all of your marketing!

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