New York Wedding with a Paebaek Ceremony

Paebaek Ceremony

The VIP Country Club in New Rochelle New York is located on the shores of Long Island Sound, where Ciara and Chang celebrated their wedding day reception. The marriage integrated both Ciara’s Irish heritage and Chang’s Korean heritage, including a traditional Paebaek ceremony. The day began with a few quick portraits at the Scarsdale Women’s Club Ballroom, followed by a beautiful service at the St. Pius Church in Scarsdale, NY. Then it was off to the reception to celebrate, and looking at these photos you can see this couple knows how to have fun! These amazing photos were captured by Michael Chadwick Photography.

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A Paebaek ceremony is a Korean tradition, representing the joining of two families. Traditionally it was a way for the bride to pay her respects to the groom’s family, with whom whe lived with after the wedding. Today, a variation of this would be both sides of the family invited to participate while friends and guests observe.

The couple dresses in ceremonial Korean wedding attire called hanbok. Parents are seated on cushions in front of a table with food and tea or soju which is rice wine. The bride and groom are seated opposite them. The couple bows deeply and kneel as they drink the tea (soju) while the parents give wisdom, advice, and a wish for the couples life ahead. The parents then throw dates and chestnuts which the bride and groom try to catch with their wedding skirt. The number of dates and chestnuts caught symbolizes how many children the couple will have, dates symbolizing girls and chestnuts symbolizing boys.

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