Wedding Dress Trends for 2014

With the New Year clipping along, wedding proposals are happening the world over as excited couples embrace their new life together. Once the question has been popped, the wedding planning starts, even if it’s more wishful thinking than tangible plans at this stage.

For the bride-to-be, her most important decisions will be the gown she wears and her bridesmaid dresses. The styles and colors will all contribute to the tone of the wedding day, ensuring that your choices reflect you and your fiancé’s personality is important. A good start is to find out the meaning behind various colors and if they relate to you. For instance, if you are a social person and like helping people, then purple would work well for you.

Other important features are the style of the dress and how it will fit with your body. If you are pear shaped, then you may not want to go with a short wedding dress even though they are on trend this year. An A-line or ball gown style may look more flattering and enhance your overall wedding look. For more helpful styles and tips, check out SimplyBridal’s infographic Wedding Dress Trends For 2014:


2014 Wedding Dress trends

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