Wedding Photojournalistic Style of Photography

Wedding Photojournalism is an increasingly popular style of wedding photography today. Brides who choose photojournalists to capture their wedding day feel the traditional photography style is stale and old, they are looking for something new and different.

Photojournalism is a skill, not just the name of a style of photography. A wedding photojournalist is a photographer whose strength is in capturing the moments. Often a photographer using this style has experience in journalism – newspapers, magazines, etc. This style originated within the news media, and transferred to other areas of photography, such as weddings. Photojournalists capture images that tell a story.

The wedding photojournalist usually arrives well before the bride is dressed and stays until they take last photo of the bride and groom leaving the reception. The photographer unobtrusively captures each action of the day, this way the photographs are not posed or staged. Since the subjects are unaware the camera is there, events are captured in a pure, genuine state. True emotion is caught and revealed using this style of wedding photography. Usually, these photos are taken with black and white film which truly captures the ‘storybook’ effect of this style. The end result is a narrative collection of images that show actual emotions and experiences of the days events.

Choose a wedding photojournalist to document your wedding day if you want unique photographs designed to tell the story of your day. This style is right for you if you want candid and artistic photos, a loose and relaxed way of being photographed, with a photographer that lets the actions of the day happen instead of making them happen.

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