Classic or Traditional Wedding Photography Styles

Classic or traditional wedding photography was the first in the history of wedding photography styles and probably the most common style used today. This is a timeless style that you have seen time and time again in wedding albums.

Traditional wedding photography is defined as a carefully posed photograph where the subject is always aware of the camera. Traditional wedding photography is characterized by lots of direction, involvement and control from the photographer. Typically the photographer is very involved in arranging individual and group photographs before and during the wedding reception. This can be helpful in guiding the bride throughout the day. Often these poses may take lots of time since the photographer will have to gather together the groups of people for each shot and position them. Sometimes brides and grooms will have their own portraits taken by the photographer before the wedding day to give themselves extra time on the actual wedding day. This is a great idea if you think you might get stressed out if the photos take a little too long on your wedding day.

The traditional wedding photographer usually has outstanding portraiture skills. They are concerned with quality and making their subject look great down to every detail such as body alignment, lighting, background, etc. Usually there is a list of typical photos the traditional photographer will take. Some examples of these poses are: pre-ceremony pictures at the bride and grooms houses with parents, brides maids and ushers, poses of the bride putting on her garter, placing the flowers on her fathers lapel, formal shots of the brides gown, cake cutting at the reception, the garter and bouquet toss, the first dance, the goodbye dance, etc. The traditional style is great if you want to be sure to get all of these traditional poses and portraits of specific family members for your wedding album.

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