Get Brides to Contact You in 4 Steps

If you want to get brides to contact you, making sure you show up where they are gives you a huge advantage over the competition.

But once you figure out where they are:

How do you get them to contact you?

1. Determine the desired action you want them to take.

What do you want the bride or groom to do when they stumble across your website, Facebook page or advertisement?

Figure out exactly the action you want them to take. That action is probably a click, a phone call or an email, some sort of contact that transforms them from a casual visitor to a real lead.

Make sure you know what your goal is and then

2. Give them a good reason to take that action.

Climb inside the head of your ideal client and figure out what would be exciting, interesting and compelling enough to get them to ACT.

Brides and grooms are busy and absolutely overwhelmed with information and advertising messages. The only way yours is going to stand out and have any chance of breaking through the static is if it addresses a problem or need that’s on their mind RIGHT NOW.

Guess what? A pretty banner ad with the name of your photography business is NOT what’s on their mind.

So what would be exciting enough to earn that click or phone call?

This brings us to Step 3…

3. Find your Bride Bribe.

You need to bribe the bride or groom to take action by offering them something they truly want.

Discounts and special deals can be effective, but they tend to devalue your services, which is something I don’t recommend.

Instead, take your best wedding planning tip or strategy, give it a sexy title, and offer it as a free Bride Bribe. This might be a free downloadable report, a video, a resource list, or anything the bride considers to be valuable.

It works like this: the bride enters her name and email to get your freebie and you get permission to follow up with them.

WARNING: in order for this to work, the title of the report and its contents has to be really compelling and clearly visible. Check out this article for the mistakes to avoid: Why the Bride Isn’t Interested In What You Have to Say

Once you’ve got that down

4. Follow up!

Chances are that unless the bride and groom are not going to book you the first time they find your business. In fact, studies show it takes 6-13 exposures to your business before they contact you.

By using a Bride Bribe to get permission to follow up with them, YOU control those 6-13 exposures by contacting them, instead of wishing and hoping and praying for them to come back.

Create an email follow up sequence filled with helpful tips or links to your recent blog posts. Win the bride over in your follow up and be the first photographer there when she’s ready to book.

Once you catch their attention and get permission to follow up, that’s exactly what you need to do. Send em more of your best tips and ideas, become their friend, and you’ll be their number one choice.

About the Author:

Stephanie Padovani

Stephanie is a Hudson Valley wedding blogger, writer and wedding business coach who has owned a successful wedding entertainment company with her husband since 2000. They started Book More Brides to help wedding professionals build 6 Figure Wedding Businesses without fighting about price or wasting money on advertising that doesn’t work.

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