Brandon and Desiree: Cloverdale IN Wedding Photography

An amazing story brought to us by Amanda Galloway of Silver Linings Photography Cloverdale IN Wedding Photography reminds us just how family, history and location can bring more meaning to your wedding and photography.

When Brandon and Desiree decided to have their engagement portraits done at Cataract Falls in obscure Putnam County, they did not know that Desiree’s Grandparents lived there in their youth and had a history there. In fact, the shoot was scheduled there by pure coincidence and it wasn’t until afterwards when they showed family members the images, that their Grandmother recognized the place. “It makes the photos that much more special,” Desiree commented.

It was forecasted to rain on their wedding day and we had planned on taking photos at the beach. Luckily, the rain held off and the sun even poked out at the precise time frame we were scheduled to be outdoors.

Despite the excitement at the beach, the real point of interest was the reception venue, The Allure. According to the locals, the building used to be a gymnasium built in the early 1920s. The current owner used some very creative methods to get the place spiffed up, including used industrial pieces to create interesting features in the building. You would never know by looking that everything wasn’t custom made and pre-designed for the very purpose it is currently being utilized. It is probably one of the most sought for places (if not THE most sought out place) for weddings in the La Porte, Indiana area because of it’s exceptional elegance.

We’ve got quite a bit of history surrounding this event, not to mention the event itself which is pivotal in the lives of this happy couple. Congrats to Brandon and Desiree!

Amanda Galloway of Silver Linings Photography has met with strict standards of a well known nationwide wedding photojournalism association as well as the PPA which means that she does high quality art – not your average “Uncle Bob photos” (no offense Uncle Bob!). She does more than just “point and shoot”, using all of the creative elements such as lighting, composition, color, and compelling subjects for photography that really stands out. This is part of your family history and should leave a hand-print in the world.

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