Still Using a Flash Website? Then Kiss Those Pinterest Leads Goodbye

It’s all the rage. According to Tech Crunch, Pinterest is the fastest growing stand-alone website in history and your brides are on there daily, finding inspiration, bookmarking favorite vendors and creating vision boards for their weddings. Unfortunately, as long as you’re settling for an outdated flash website, you may never find your photography portfolio appearing on Pinterest kissing those pinterest leads goodbye.


See, Pinterest can only recognize images on a website when they are embedded into the code and not hidden behind flash or gallery modules. In the wedding seo world, we call this Pinnable Image Optimization (PIO) and it’s influencing whether your work gets passed along to the Pinterest community, which of course, is brimming with hot leads.

So if you’re still stuck back in 1998 with a flash website, but you really want to take full advantage of the golden opportunities that Pinterest offers and capture the attention of brides that are planning their weddings right now, here are 3 things you can do to get up to speed:

1. Switch from a flash website to an html site with readable PIO images

2. Place some of your best work into your blog, as an embedded image and not as some kind of fancy tool or slideshow

3. Add the pin it button to your blog and any other webpage that has PIO images

About the Author:

Kathy DalPra, Bride Appeal Web Design & SEO

Following the unsuccessful launch of her first bridal line, Kathy became obsessed with getting more brides to visit, inquire and buy on her website. In less than 6 months, Kathy took her niche site to the top page of Google for dozens of target keywords and redesigned her website to capture more of those leads and turn them into sales. When other wedding professionals wanted to know how she did it, Kathy began teaching them her SEO and web design strategies so that they could get more traffic and inquiries through their website and create a thriving wedding business in any economy.

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