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Grow your photography business Think about all of the times in your life when you were given an opportunity, and you didn’t say yes. Do you ever wonder what would have happened if you had taken that opportunity? Would you possibly be making significantly more money? This is something I definitely find myself thinking about every now and then.

Everyday, we are presented with opportunities that can change the course of our lives and it is up to us whether or not to take them. When it comes to your business, I recommend that you start saying YES! You may not always get the results you were looking for, but there’s a chance you could get even more. I have started saying yes to more workshops, to enroll in high-level programs, and to speak to groups across the country. As soon as I started saying YES! more, my business started growing. No matter how big or small the opportunity, newfound success quickly follows these yeses!

Be brave and take that chance! Don’t hold yourself back because you are terrified of opening a new door. That door could be the one that leads you to more money and more success. And with these successes, comes even more opportunities. Successful people don’t become successful by turning down opportunities. They are willing to take a leap of faith, now matter how intimidating it may be.

What have you been contemplating saying yes to but just haven’t yet? Is it an educational event or networking group that you just haven’t gotten to courage to go to yet? Think about what’s holding you back. What are you afraid of?

Your Bride Attraction Assignment:

Write it down! Start journaling about where you tend to shut down and shy away form opportunities. It’s often easier to understand ourselves when we start putting things on paper. Think about what’s keeping you from taking these opportunities. Write down what your afraid of and why. This assignment will change your life! Seriously!

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