15 Getting Ready Photos You Must Have

bridesmaids laying down together

Whether it’s of the bridesmaids helping the bride get dressed, or the groom helping the ringbearer with his bowtie, getting ready photos capture undoubtedly one of the most fun and memorable parts of your wedding day. Since the bride and groom are not usually together when getting ready, having photos of these special moments that happen during that time will help you feel like you were right there with each other the whole time. We’ve gathered 20 of our favorite must have getting ready photos to give you some inspiration for your wedding album.

1. Bridesmaids in Matching Robes

Give your bridesmaids matching robes as a fun gift the morning of the wedding. They can wear them as your all getting ready, they look great in photos, and they don’t mess up your hair and makeup when you take them off to get dressed!
Photo by www.ashleyshutterphotography.com
bridesmaids in robes

2. Bridesmaids Having Fun

bridesmaids laying down together
Photo by mytrueblu.com

3. Bride Looking at Dress Before Putting it On

bride looking at dress before putting on
Photo found on bridalmusings.com

4. Bride and Bridesmaids Dresses Hanging together

bridesmaids and bride dress hanging
Photo by patmoyerweddings.com

5. Bride Putting Makeup On

bride getting makeup on
Photo by KWP Weaver

6. Bride Putting on her Garter

bride putting on garter
Photo by emilyblakephoto.com

7. Bride with her Bouquet

bride with her bouquet
Photo by thebecker.com

8. Bride Getting Ready with her Pet

Your furry friend must be in your getting ready photos!
bride getting ready with dog
Photo by catherinehall.net

9. Bridesmaids Helping Bride Get Dressed

bridesmaids helping bride get dressed
Photo by www.milkphotography.com.au/

10. Bride Putting on Shoes

bride putting on shoes
Photo by www.staceypentlandphoto.com

11. Flower Girl Helping Bride Get Dressed

flowergirl helping bride get dressed
Photo by JAGstudios

12. Ring Bearer Helping Groom Get Ready

ringbearer helping groom get ready
Found on Pinterest

13. Groom Getting Dressed

groom getting dressed
Photo by www.ladandlass.co.za/

14. Groom and Groomsmen Suits Hanging Together

Groomsmen and Grooms suits hanging
Photo found on bridalguide.com

15. Guys Helping Groom Get Ready

guys helping groom get ready
Photo by Anthem Photography

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