10 New Must Have Wedding Photos of Moments You Won’t Want to Miss

Bridesmaids First Look

You spend months and months planning your wedding making sure every detail is just right. You’ve gone through your entire wedding checklist, found your perfect wedding dress, found your venue, chose your wedding photographer, your wedding entertainment, picked the perfect wedding menu, and planned your dream honeymoon. Then, the big day comes and it’s all over in a matter of few hours. With all this effort, you don’t want the day to just flash by your eyes without capturing your favorite moments.

Must Have Wedding Photos

Your wedding is only one day but the photos are what you’ll cherish forever. That’s why we put together 10 of our new favorite must have wedding photos that you won’t want to miss. Get together with your wedding photographer and go over the special moments that are most important to you to be sure you capture them all.

1. Before You See Each Other

You don’t want the groom to see you before the wedding, but you can still get a great photo together.

Before Wedding Ceremony

2. Groom’s First Look

That moment you want to remember forever, but it happens so quickly you want to capture the look on your grooms face so you’ll never forget it.

Groom First Look

3. Dad’s First Look

The moment a Dad sees his daughter as a bride for the first time is such a precious emotional moment that should be cherised forever.

Fathers First Look

4. Bridesmaids First Look

Brides everywhere will want to capture the expressions on her besties faces as they see her for the first time as a beautiful bride.

Bridesmaids First Look

5. Under the Veil Kiss

There is nothing more romantic and beautiful than a kiss with your groom under your veil.

Under Veil Kiss

6. Bride and Groom at the Dinner Table

This is a view that you may not remember since you probably won’t be sitting for long.

Bride and Groom at Dinner Table

7. Forehead Kiss

A perfect, sweet and comforting kiss on the forehead.
Nathan Moreau Photography

Forehead kiss

8. Generations of Womens Hands

Your family will cherish this photo for generations.

Generations Womens Hands

9. Bridesmiads Getting Ready

A fun shot of you and your bridesmaids BEFORE you’re all dressed up to remember all the fun you had getting ready.

Bridesmaids Getting Ready

10. A Moving Photo

A very cool way to capture a moment and feel like you’re right there again. See more of these interesting moving photos here.


Need some more inspiration? We have more unique wedding photo poses and ideas for you. Also, you’ll want to read these tips to learn how to get great group photos with the help from a wedding wrangler.

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